Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Go to this site and click on this fabric and see ALL the beautiful pieces! It is now available in your stores,or you can get it at Fatquartershop.com You must have it! !!!!!!The colors are so beautiful! Ask Camille, it is one of the fabrics available in March for the Sweet Treat Box. It is even more vibrant in real life!

Now that the holidays are over, I NEED a new bright fabric to sew with. Let's all make a shopping date for January 2, 2009...a "ciber date." We can all go get fabric and go to lunch. I will think of all of you as I shop! Here is the pattern, Full of Charm I designed for Cotton Way that would be darling with these fabrics.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A boy and his first pair of jeans!

Here is my little grandson's very first pair of jeans. My daughter said they were too expensive for only a few months wear....but I said, "Not for grandma," so I bought them! His daddy loved them, he's a "jean wearing kinda guy!"
Oh the grandchildren..............I LOVE THEM "SO MUCH!

Baby sister has a new skirt and head band too! She is such a dolly!

I sincerely hope all your holidays were as happy as mine! I am truly blessed! One of the most precious things to me were when my children would hold their nieces and nephews and talk or laugh with them. I have the best kids!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Living in a Winter Wonderland!

This is my life in the winter! We got 10 inches in one day....I know many of you got more, but that is a record for this day in December! I personally would rather be on a tropical beach somewhere. So, I did go get my granddaughter and we cooked, and sewed! This is looking out my back door.
This is looking out my front door across to my neighbors!

Here is my cute granddaughter... she loved her skirts, but wouldn't put them back on this morning to have her picture taken.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Oh to be a child again. Remember when you were small and could hardly wait for Christmas Day? Me and my sister Tracy would sleep...(or try to sleep) together. I remember staying up and talking and laughing...then we would try to get up early. My dad was not an early riser on Christmas morning. I love to get up Christmas morning while it is still dark outside and the Christmas tree lights are so pretty and magical! Even to this day, I make my husband get up before it is daylight! YEA FOR ME, all my grandchildren will be here on Christmas Day! Happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank heaven for little girls!

Here are my Bananafana Lucy Skirts for my granddaughter who LOVES purple! I am thankful I have granddaughters to sew for. I loved sewing for my own daughters when they were small....not that I don't love my grandsons, but there is nothing like making dresses for little girls. I think it is my all time favorite thing to sew!

This second skirt I gathered the bottom of the skirt instead of using the pleats, and added a belt. Make sure you check out Bananafana's other patterns. She has some cute things! I think I will have my granddaughter over on Monday and give her the skirts, and we can play "dressup." Yes, she is the one with the darling hair a few posts ago!

I had an idea for an apron the other night while I was laying in bed going to sleep. I don't usually design aprons, but this one popped into my head! Maybe I will give it a try!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas preparations

These are some of the goodies I am putting in a little box for everyone at my husband's company Christmas party. My husband's business is Heaven's Best Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, an international carpet cleaning company. We have some of the GREATEST people working in our company! I found these darling glittery snowflake ornaments. I just HAD to have them!

Tonight is our corporate office party, we are having dinner at our house. I love to fuss with the details, that is probably why I enjoy designing quilts and dolls. I went to Florence's Chocolates
and bought hand dipped chocolate carmels, wrapped them in green foil. (They deliver all over the world!!)
Then I had to have some Pastel Chocolate cherries, and blueberries. If you have never had these, you should look for them, they are SO delicious!
Then I put all the goodies in these little boxes I made at the scrapbooking store, added a tag and a snowflake! They look so festive!The women will like them, the men will probably just like the goodies inside! This way, the women will get two snowflakes...my favorite part anyway!
This is how they look up close, and they look even better on the table at everyone's place setting!
Hope your holiday planning has been as fun as mine!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moda's Bake Shop Box

Hey everyone, here is a picture of the Sweet Treat Box from Moda. Tell your local fabric store to get them in so you can make these darling bags!!! The little box has enough fabric for two bags, and the instructions! OR, if you can't find them, http://www.fatquartershop.com/ has them. On the fabric search, type in (bake shop) and this page will come up!!!!! **Sorry, they are not available until March. What a terrible thing to tempt you with! However they are sooooooooooo fun and sooooooooooooooo fast! I used Fusible Fleece for the stabilizer in mine. It is just the right thickness!!! I will attempt a TUTORIAL in my next blog for the handle I made!!! Wish me luck!
I copied this photo from the Internet....with the help of my computer tech.(my daughter Holly.)
Not being from the computer era, this is quite a step. I am learning all kinds of new things!!!!!
Both my daughters are brilliant on the compuer. Thanks Holly and Natasha for all the help on my blog!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanks everyone!

Here is the bowl full of all your names........over 150! WOW, so when I took out all of Camille's your chances got a lot better! Thanks Camille, and thanks to everyone else who linked me to your friends!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the WINNER is..........................

STACEY (luv2knit) from Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more exciting news about my designs!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look everyone, I even found time to bake! I love gingerbread, I haven't made it in so long! They were so good. I ate most of them!

I just wanted to say "HI" to everyone and tell you all thank you for your wonderful response to my blog, and..........to say, TOMORROW is the day! It is just like Christmas. I know you will all be waiting and watching for the winner! See you all tomorrow night! Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Okay, here is a little taste of the Sweet Treat Bag full of goodies! Thank you to everyone who responded to my new blog and was so friendly and supportive. I have concluded that "life is always happy in blogland." One thing I find interesting is what time of day (or night) people post! It makes me smile!

I have made an executive decision....................I need to get all my Christmas finished, shipped and out of the way because my daughter and little family from New York are coming for Christmas! So, the give away will end on Saturday, December 13, 2009. I will ship the PRIZE out December 15th. I hope this is okay, I am beginning to feel the Christmas stress! I will post the winner by 10:00 p.m. MST.

Now for the cute gal, Camille Roskelley who I am sure sent me the majority of my new friends by way of her blog: (because her name has A LOT of marks behind it,) I am making a bag just for her filled with the same wonderful goodies......Thanks so much Camille! You are the greatest!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Most wonderful place in the world!

Oh my goodness, I never knew this blogging could be so much fun. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I didn't know the computer world was so great....I don't get out much, I live in the greatest place in the world........my sewing room! I think I will end the Sweat Treat Bag give away on December 20, 2008, so tell all your friends.

I will send out the bag with all its goodies before Christmas, however, you may not get it by Christmas with the mail being so busy, so be patient, it will be coming! Keep watching, I will post the winner on the 20th by 10:00pm....(if you haven't entered by then, you are probably not going to!)

I am sending you all photos of my sewing room.....it is funny to view it from a spectator's perspective. I need the TV for company, I love those old black and white movies where the guy finally kisses the girl in the end! Look at the weights, (the not very heavy weights)....I keep them there for inspiration. I know I should exercise, but I'd rather sew! Those green stringy things on the file cabinet? They are ironed and starched vines for an applique project....they look like string beans!

This is my cutting table, an old library table.....those patterns on the wall? They are the patterns I have designed.....can a girl be anymore vain?

This is my stash of "small pieces." I have them sorted according to color, I like to see them, it's like having your friends around all the time! I don't really have a large stash, I usually only buy what I need for a project, then keep all the small pieces and use them in scrappy quilts and doll clothes.

This is my 2004 Moda Challenge quilt entitled Folk Art Freinzy. I won first prize at the shop where I entered! That weird folk art painting on the door? It is on an old cupboard door, I bought it at a craft store. I loved it! It makes me so happy. I had my husband screw it on the door to cover the top glass so when the door is closed people can't see the mess my room is in when they pass by! My husband about had a heart attack. I told him if we move, he could fill in the screw holes!
I didn't see the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but I love the title. It makes me think of, Life of a Crazy Sewing Lady. ..............Do you think that sounds like me?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know, two blog posts in one day, but this is important! I am giving away a darling "Sweet Treat Bag" made from Moda's new fabric, due out in stores soon.....made with their new
Sweet Rolls. It will be filled with treats and treasures!

Leave your name and where you are from and a comment on my new blog....I need new friends! Tell your friends to mention you and get entered twice! Link me with your blog and get entered 3 more times! Thanks and good luck!


If anyone out there in blog land even reads this, you must check out Camille Roskelley's blog. She takes the most beautiful picutres, and has the most darling boys....second only to my own grandchildren. Don't you love that hair? I wish I looked that good with my hair like that!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


These are a few of my favorite quilts I have desined for
Cotton Way.

Simply Sunflower

Star Burst Garden
Sugar 'N' Spice and Everything Nice

Full Of Charm
Feels Like Home Table Runner

Check out other quilts and great projects at Cotton Way

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 Min Chocolate Cake

This is the chocolate cake in a mug.....only takes 5 minutes. Who thinks up this stuff? They should be given a prize!

5 Min Chocolate Mug Cake

4 TB. flour
4 TB. sugar
2 TB. cocoa
1 egg
3 TB. milk
3TB. oil
3 TB. chocolate chips, optional
splash of vanilla
1 large coffee mug

Mix dry ingredients well in mug
Add egg and mix well
Add milk and oil, mix well
Add chocolate chips and vanilla mix again
Put cake in microwave for 3 min on high (1000 watts)
Cake will rise up over top of mug, this is okay
Allow the cake to cool a little
Tip cake out onto a plate, add ice cream and EAT!

You can add all the dry ingredients in a baggie inside the mug, write the wet indredients on a card and give as a gift!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Dolls

Here is a well loved baby!

This is a new friend!
Here is another friendly face.

And still more friends!
One more!

I am on a doll sewing fetish. Here are more dolls! I am waiting to hear about my quilts with the Quick Quilt magazine......so I am sewing dolls for All Occasions. I had two worn out Santas, but a lady bought them right out of my house, and I didn't even get a photo.....next time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dolls and quilts I make

This is a sample of some of the dolls and little quilts I make! These dolls are "well loved." If you are ever in Rexburg, Idaho, check out All Occasions, a great gift shop that sells my dolls and little quilts. Lora Zollinger owns the shop, she and her husband Darin make the furniture!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


These are photos of my dear friends Bonnie Olaveson of
Cotton Way, and her daughter, Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms taken at Portland Quilt Market, Spring 2008 with their new fabric line from Moda called, Cotton Blossoms. You can still get some of it in stores, but hurry before it is gone! Check out their new patterns on their web sites!........PLEASE NOTE, the table runner on the left in this picutre is MY design! I sure love that Bonnie lets me design for her!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A little more about me

I decided to tell you a little about my sewing and designing.

I have sewn since I could hold a needle and thread. I remember being very young and embroidering. My mom would have to thread the needle, put a knot in the end, and when I had sewn to the end of the thread, she would have to knot it off. I have sewn since then.

I started making dolls and little quilt to sell in my friend, Lora Zollinger's cute gift shop. One day, Bonnie Olaveson of Cottonway called me and asked if I had an interest in designing some patterns for her. The rest is history, I have been designing for her for 5 years now and it is an opportunity of a lifetime!

I have designed for Briarwood Cottage, and now I have designs going to Quick Quilts, and Quiltmania, two quilting magazines. PLUS, I have great news! I am publishing a project book with Kansas City Star Publishing Company!!!!!!!

I will post the results when they get published! Coming soon: pictures of my quilts with Cotton Way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi everyone, this is my first blog post. I will post more later!