Friday, July 31, 2009


Aren't these Rainer cherries so beautiful? I have to tell you a funny thing: when I was young, there was a tree of these not far from my house. The kids in the neighborhood didn't eat them because we thought they were crab apples. Then one year when I was about 10, someone started eating them from the the branch that hung over the fence onto the road. If someone held the bicycle, you could stand on the seat and pick the cherries. This isn't the funny part......
The other day when I bought these and brought them home, my husband asked why I had bought crab apples? I hadn't thought about them as crab apples for a LONG, LONG time. Funny that he thought they were crab apples too!
Here is all the sewing I could muster up....I am in the final days of the editing for my book that goes to print August 4th.
If you remember on the Moda Bake Shop, Jen Duncan had that cute Happy Birthday banner? Well, I made myself a happy sewing banner for my sewing room window.
It is very cheerful! I am painting the walls, I will show you later....I hope I like the paint, as I had to move EVERYTHING away from the walls and boy was it a job!
EDIT: Even funnier: I spelled crab apples...crap apples....can you believe it?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

P.J.'s ...HIS OR HERS?

Look at these amazing pajamas....Lisa at Spoonfull of Sugar Girls let me share them with you....check out her blog, she has some really great ideas, and I just love the name of her blog!
Would you even guess these are men's pajamas? Well they aren't now! So darn cute!! Thanks Lisa for sharing!
p.s. check out this rainbow cake, you WON'T believe it!


This is my last antique quilt and isn't it interesting that this Grandmother's Flower Garden is oblong?
The colors are still really pretty.
Look how this blue was fussy cut. So fun!
Here is a close-up of the blue fussy cut blocks.
The edge blocks are cut in half around the entire quilt. The flowers being an oblong shape gives the quilt such a different feel. I use this quilt on my bed in the spring because it is in really good shape. I just put it on the top of a white coverlet but take it off at night. Thanks for visiting my quilt-a-day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This quilt I found in an antique store in Bozeman, MT a few years ago. I wanted it really bad and the price wasn't terrible, but it was more than I wanted to pay because the quilt was not in really good condition....but those red squares kept calling to me. The women wouldn't budge on the price, so I made a rash decision and paid for it on my credit card...thinking I would explain it to my husband later.....he didn't even ask about it....I know, I am fortunate! A lot of the colored blocks are thread bare and worn, but the red is still in great condition.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi everyone, remember this little logo? Well, you need to check out their web site here if you haven't lately, it has some REALLY good suggestions, color inspirations, free patterns, guest presenters...and a lot more. Just thought you might enjoy a new place to visit!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, you would not believe the gifts I received in the mail today from Shari who had my name is the Christmas swap hosted by Linda and Stephanie. This darling Christmas bag full of all kinds of goodies!
The bag even has little candy cane buttons! I needed a Christmas bag last year to carry my books to church and thought about making one but didn' I won't have to!
The tree on the Christmas card is fabric. So creative!
Look at these sweet fabrics! I can hardly wait to use these!
Then there was this little tin with this logo on the front.
And this little story on the back!
And this darling pair of scissors with a kangaroo...can you see his legs and tail that curl around the finger holes? SO SWEET!!! I hate to brag, but I may be one of the few Americans who have a kangaroo pair of scissors! However, if you come to my house, I will let you use them!
A sweet little pin...handmade in Australia.
Another tin...I thought I took a picture of it...covered with red peppermint swirl candies...full of ribbons and this pin! Makes you feel like a part of Australia when you wear their flag!
These are the ribbons....yards and yards of them!
Then, I opened this GREAT button necklace kit...make your own necklace. Guess what color the buttons are?
Of course you are correct....Shari reads my blog....they are PINK and RED!
And this tea towel with all kinds of animals....I loved the possum!
Then this was the most ingenious thing I have seen in a long time...a book mark; how cute is that? SO CLEVER!!! There you go ladies, if you want to try out the hexagons but don't want to make a large project, make one of these.....great gift for Christmas for neighbors, school teachers, sewing friends.
Then, I don't know why I waited until the last to open this gift, but it was the icing on the cake, and look at the label! Thanks so much for labeling it! Every year when I take it out of the Christmas box, I will think of you Shari!!
It is a table runner done in creams and white..and a lot of the pieces are shinny....I LOVE IT, and I love the red binding.
I really wanted to capture the shinny pieces...WOW! Thank you Shari SO MUCH, you really spoiled me! I loved every minute of it! Thank you Linda and Stephanie for hosting this swap. I can't even imagine how much work this took! It was so fun working on my own gift to give away, and knowing I would be receiving a gift too. What a great day! Merry Christmas in July everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009


I know we all own or have seen a Grandmother's Garden quilt like this. I am sad to say I can't even remember where I got this. It is in really GREAT shape.
The one thing I loved about it, is that the border is sewn to the white along the hexagon shapes so the entire flower shows, not cut off like you see some quilts....I have one of those too! And isn't this soft green the greatest color?
See how this edge is sewn. Such great workmanship!
The front border is turned over to the back and is also the binding. A very talented person made this quilt. I have always loved the thin old quilts, those puffy ones from the 70's and 80's were never my favorite. I always put a thin batting in my quilts, I just love how they feel, especially after they are washed and dried.~~~We should take a head count: how many people own a Grandmother's Garden quilt? How many have ever made one? I sort of made one. I only did the flowers and appliqued them on a block....does that count as half?~~ Okay, 1 for owning, 1/2 for making, who else?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have decided to show you one of my antique quilts every day for a few days, ( I only have a few.) Does anyone know if there is a name to this quilt block? I have checked several quilt block encyclopedias and cannot find it. But look at it close, this woman must have been a math genius. All those parallelogram...and hand sewn.
As you can see, the woman had quite a lot of the red plaid fabric which I believe to have been a rare thing...unless it was a dress with a pretty large skirt which was cut up, or she had money and could afford yardage.The yellow/orange has retained it's color really well.
This block is different where the woman ran out of the red plaid, either because she didn't buy or have enough, or after time went on she ran out and the store didn't have any more of that color. Either way, it makes it interesting to surmise what happened.
Here, she ran out of the solid orange and the plaid and had to mix several orange-like colors; I like this lady....when I run out of a fabric, I try to use what I have. (Like we all don't have a stash of colors that would probably work in our quilts?)
Do you see the little black specks? They are anchors like the red ones, however the black ink has eaten holes into the white background. That tells you what some of those old inks were like
All of the white background pieces are different for each block. I like to wonder whose old shirt was cut up for this quilt? Granddad's, or her husband's?
I have always liked scrappy quilts and still do to this day. I love all the different fabrics they used. I love that the women used what they had.
Look at this cute little print. Could it have been a little summer dress?
I bought this quilt when I was in New Jersey with my sister Tracy 11 years ago. She flew from California and met me in New York where we spent one day and night in the city, we then drove to New Jersey to a book signing by Nancy Lindemeyer who was the Editor of the Victoria magazine for 10 years. Nancy had written little stories for the back page in the magazine under the name of Jenny Walton who was her grandmother. After Nancy left the magazine, she compiled those stories into a book called, Jenny Watson's Packing for a Woman's Journey, and was having a book signing at a small book shop in a little town called Belvidere, NJ. The book signing took all of 10 minutes. But I got to meet Nancy and spend time in quaint!
The city park had wonderful old houses on all 4 streets. The man who donated the land for the park stipulated that it must always remain a park. We went on a fun walking tour of some of the houses, and there was a yard sale in the park that day where we bought old china and I bought this quilt. The lady selling the quilts had A LOT! Her husband said she couldn't buy anymore antique quilts until she got rid of some and she did NOT want to part with it. I told her in my most sincere voice that I would love the quilt and take care of it. I thought she might cry. She did say the quilt was from Pennsylvania, but that is all I know about it, except I only paid $70.00 for it and I know that was a good price!
It was a wonderful trip, one of my most favorites of all the places I have been. It was in the early fall and we drove around back country roads and found incredible old buildings to take pictures of, a country store with all kinds of wonderful things to buy, and a quilt shop called, Aardvarks... who names their quilt shop Aardvarks? We asked the woman why, her answer was because she wanted it first in the phone that is thinking!! Then we stayed in an old B&B just outside of town.

I made a new binding from muslin because the old binding was all but gone and the rest of the quilt was in good shape.. . . . . . enough rambling...stay tuned tomorrow for more.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Remember the red file cabinet? I had to spiff it up a looked so plain.
So, I used what letters I had and made a file name and made cute hang tags to put on each it isn't naked! Did you notice in the first post that I hadn't taped off the little file marker box thingy? It looked weird to me all red, so I bought grey metallic craft paint, and lightly tapped the front of the rim with a flat brush; so I didn't have to put tape on the red paint...that would be all I needed....have the red paint come off. I would have to unload the file again, drag it out to the garage and re-paint...No, I just carefully tapped the front.
I tied the little tags on with jute. Now when I sit and sew, I look at it and smile.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Where do you photograph a skirt if it isn't on a body? No one is home but me for the week, so I had to model the skirt on the back of a chair....This fabric is Natural Effects by Michelle D'Amore for Marcus Brothers. Yes, I got it at the Quilt Shoppe in Rigby, Idaho....she always has funky fabric. She has another piece I am going to get for a skirt for Fall.
Amy has these hokey trims, like this brown stretchy lace with aqua fun. Her hired gal said it was stretchy lace...I said it would be fine....I would just zig-zag it on...I used monofilament thread so it doesn't even show. I hope I can wait until Fall to buy that fabric...I already feel it in my bones that I won't be able to wait....discipline Sheri, think discipline.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here is my new sewing table. I painted it cream (I have 4 gallons of this cream paint) sanded the edges and stained know I love my Mr. Stain! And spray painted the handles satin black! Amazing what four coats of paint and a little stain wil do!
This is the ugly file cabinet at the end of the sewing table...yes, you know it!! I painted it!
Now my room is ready for some serious sewing. ... I actually have done some sewing, I made me a new skirt...I will show you soon! Happy sewing everyone!