Monday, July 23, 2012


 I found this GREAT idea on Pintrest for Barbie house using binders.  Kendra was so kind to let me show you.  Check out her blog she gives you all the details.
What a fantastic idea especially if you are limited on space! Plus if you want to change the don't have a lot invested so you can switch them out!  LOVE IT!
I also loved her birthday acts of kindness here, you will too!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Monday, July 16, 2012


These are my new little dolls that are going to the gift shop today. The one that has the jeweled necklace is my favorite.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I now have an Author's profile on 
I wanted to re-show you some of the pictures featuring my latest book.  Pretty Petals. 
Box of newly published books!
This is my quilt, Pretty Petals hanging at the International Quilt Market in Kansas City, MO
May 2012, shown from my previous blog post.
This is the Kaleidoscope page from my is my favorite page.  It shows how the blocks from the Pretty Petals quilt can be sewing together to create a beautiful Kaleidoscope quilt. You may be thinking..."Wow, that is a lot of applique."  But there are some small projects in the book for those of you who want to give applique a try.  Thanks everyone for your love and support.  ~~Sheri

Monday, July 9, 2012


 We had all 7 grandchildren here last week....
 and I didn't get a photo of them all never entered my mind. 
 Monday they were in and out of the swimming pool, running around the yard, playing inside and out. It was the BEST day EVER!  I loved every minute of it!
All three of my own children with their spouse's were together on the 4th and did I think to get a picture of us all together?  NO!  Thank goodness they live close, so next time we can think about a photo!    

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It is so fun to see how people interpret patterns.  Pam Bell made this Black & White with red wool dots version of Ruby Red Dots.  Here is a little information about her:
I am a real estate Broker and I live in Aspen Lakes outside of Sisters, OR. I move here 7 years ago from the valley and started quilting about 3 years ago.  This was my first big applique quilt.   I had taken a class on how to do applique and made a small table runner but this winter when I was laid up from an injury, I decided to take this on and black & white became the theme with the wool red dots!  It was a labor of love and saved my sanity as the snow fell!  I had it quilted at BJ's in Bend.  The back of the quilt is black with red dots, it is as cute as can be!  I just took it down for the quilt show yesterday, my first entry! Thanks for such a fun pattern!
Thanks Pam for sharing!

Pam Bell, Broker

25 NW Minnesota Ave, Suite 1
Bend, OR 97701