Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have a dear friend Donna whose husband Alain passed away unexpectedly two years ago.  Alain's motto was, "Service is what life is all about."  This past year Donna has spearheaded "Keep Calm and Serve On"  for friends and family who want to participate in serving others.  Every week Donna emails us a little service theme.  We all try to find ways to serve others and then email them back to Donna.  We do include service that is expended to us from others as well, since we are recipients of many acts of kindness ourselves.  Then bless Donna's heart, she types them all up and emails them out every week for all of the rest of us to read.  It has been 33 weeks now since we started and has a made a HUGE impact in my life to look for ways to think and serve others.  At the end of the emails each week is this little saying about the caterpillar. I have LOVED it since I first read it.  With Donna's permission, I am sharing it.
Thanks so much Donna for all your service to us!